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Why is SEO important?

One of the most common questions we get at our SEO office in Vaughan (north of Toronto) is: why is SEO important? And, we enjoy answering this question and we are going to discuss exactly this. The main reason why SEO is important is that it became the best marketing tool out there! That’s right; out with the print and commercials on TV! It is all about what comes up first on your phone!

What are people doing to find a service or product? Taking out their phones and searching for them on Google Chrome! The first result that pops up gets the first glace. This is when the whole SEO work comes into play. The company has the best SEO work done, gets to be on top! Well, how do you do that? By doing keyword research, strategy, and execution. Okay, but how do you come up with the keywords and how do you do this ‘execution’?

Right now, there are 3 main ways Google gets to know about your company: your website, Google My Business (GMB) and Google Maps. The more tuned these 3 are, the better are your results. The first results on a Google page on your phone (it all went mobile as mentioned before) is Google My Business! But, Google My Business also reads your website & Google Maps for integration.

“Their website mentions: “electronics”. That’s what Google My Business displays on a searcher’s screen. So make sure you have a powerful website. What is a powerful website? A fast one that has a great deal of information (4,000+ words) and virtually nothing broken. Followed by it being custom coded. That’s a good start. And, then you continue by carefully planning and implementing your keywords.

Keywords. We are back to the first question. How do you get them!? Well, first off: SEMRush, Ahrefs, MOZ, Surfer SEO and Google Trends should all be ready for you to use. Do competitor analysis of those who are the strongest in your industry through those programs and write down a list of your keywords. These programs will tell you which keywords are trending for your business and then proceed to ask yourself: is this something I am providing and selling? And: is this keyword really trending in my business? If you answered yes then stop at about 20 keywords and then narrow down even more to the hottest keywords in your list, until you reach 2. Make sure to double-check their volume on SEMRush to see how many people are actually searching them. Campaign for those 2 selected keywords through social media, on your website, blogs, directories, YouTube, etc until you see results. But, before you do this, remember this 1 very important step: you got to add the location that you are targeting.

IP address sure helps finding a service/ company nearby but geographical targeting never hurts! Let’s say you are selling cakes in Toronto. Your keywords would be cake,cakes,Toronto (this is a hypothetical example, remember you must do thorough keyword research).

Okay, so you might be saying to yourself: I got the keywords but why all of this is important? It is important because SEO is an investment that always works. Google search engine robots are always scanning activity on your website and Google accounts. In return, it is your company that gets to display on top of a searcher’s page, which is, as mentioned, the best form of marketing online today!

By coming up with good & useful content with an original (organic) touch, you will be steadily going up in rankings. While doing content generation, gradually build your backlinks by participating in forums, directories and guest posting on other websites that are not competitors, your website will be surely going up in rankings. If you have any questions or if you would like to get in touch, contact Soaring SEO today by clicking here and we would love to discuss SEO & Web Development with you!

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