What is Technical SEO

Technical SEO

First, let’s start with Technical SEO and what it entails. Technical SEO literally means fixing onsite issues such as broken links, images, videos, code, contact forms, and functionalities. These need to be taken care of immediately so that the search engine can properly index your website. Make sure that your website is well structured and easily navigable, all of this is great for SEO!

The next step is server-related issues that need to be checked. You should check if the PHP files are updated and that the server isn’t slow. You will be surprised by what keeps your website back once you look into the details. A lot of the time the images that are uploaded are too heavy or not properly formatted, make sure they are correctly placed on the website and are not overlapping.

Thirdly, make sure your website is correctly submitted to search engines like Google. Have a site map and make sure you claim website ownership using Google Search Console. Simply put, picture how Google’s search programs (known as crawlers) will go through the site and ask yourself this: will they go through my website easily? If you find your website slow and with a lot of broken content then you can be sure that they won’t.

Another task that you can do to improve your technical SEO is to make sure all of the programs that you have used to build your website are updated and configured. If you are using WordPress, you have one default theme that you are using and you do not have any unused files, programs, and media. These are just some of the recommendations for technical SEO, there is a lot that can be done that has not been touched upon in this article.

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