January 3, 2018


What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a detailed process to make your website search engine friendly, this is known as visibility. The tasks involve and are not limited to: correcting URLs, adding tags, building backlinks, inviting search engines to scan your website, and having SEO analytical systems.

Soaring SEO is here to increase your online business onto another level. At our office we use several SEO programs to analyse backlinks, broken links, trends, keywords, and competition.
In addition, we use Google Trends, Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, and Google Maps in order to optimize your business online presence.

The pricing for an agreed package will be determined by the following:

30 hours will be divided accordingly to as agreed with the prospective client. This is a general work breakdown:

Four (4) 300-400 word blogs (released gradually, once per week) as a relative backlink building source and as a solution to drive more traffic for the selected keywords. The day it is released is based on the day before that client’s peak website visitation day. The search engine processes it overnight for the calls to come in the next day.

Sixteen (16) social media postings on Facebook and 16 on Twitter per month2 postings on each Monday and 2 postings on every following Wednesday or Thursday or the days that are relevant to your client’s industry with keeping in mind SEO principles such as keyword strategies.
Please note, the accounts will be created if they have not been set-up. Statistics and reports will always be available and provided when requested.

Off and on-page SEO. 4 keyword campaigns, end and start dates/times to be determined
Off-page SEO: 4 keyword campaigns/month (1-3 trending keywords per week). Aside from social media and blogging, the campaigns will also be executed on: directory registration, link building (including other websites), & forum participation.

All in compliance with Google’s requests as a solution to drive more traffic.

On-page SEO:  4 keyword campaigns/month same keywords as off-page SEO to maintain consistency (1-3 trending keywords per week), maintaining strong keyword density, building and fixing links, tagging, properly branding, and re-arranging content as requested. Additionally, uploading SEO plug-ins if necessary. HTML and custom CSS adjustment that boosts SEO is also included.
Please note: the keyword campaigns are diligently connected with the social media activity & blogs. Each month you will be informed which keywords are selected and how the Keyword Density is calculated. The keywords are reviewed each week to double check their trends and if they do change, you will be informed. Additionally, the client may request specific keywords to be targeted as according to their business. Review and support is always available if clarification is requested. All tasks are verified with you and/or the client(s) and are documented accordingly.

Free consultation/contact (on-call) at any time between 9 am- 9 pm, any day of the week for questions, requests and support. Typical questions are: what is keyword density? Can you please send me a report? What geographical areas are you targeting?
On-site visitations/ meetings are possible but have to be scheduled.

Free reports from Google Analytics as key performance indicators and free of charge explanations at any time for as long as the package is in effect from start to end date.